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H. L. CONGER. H. L. Conger, a native of Manchester, Iowa, moved to Dubuque in 1883. He first located his business on Eighth and Washington STREETS. On May 1, 1887, he relocated to Jones Street, near the Illinois Central Depot. The firm which had been established as Jackson & Conger was dissolved the same month.

In 1887 Conger was the largest coal dealer in Dubuque selling 35,000 tons annually. He employed ten men and kept six teams busy delivering. Although his trade was largely in retailing, he carried on an extensive wholesale business, shipping large quantities to other cities.

In 1887 H. L. Conger was located at 7th and Main STREETS.

The 1890-91 Dubuque City Directory listed the corner of Jones and Iowa.

The business was succeeded by MINK & ROYCE around 1893. (1)



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