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Photo courtesy: Center for Dubuque History and the Telegraph Herald

GLAB BREWERY. The Glab Brewery was the successor of the NORTHERN BREWING COMPANY founded by Adam GLAB. Upon his death, Mrs. Glab operated the brewery until September 1, 1884 when it was announced that her sons Nicholas, Alois, and Frank would take over the business. (1) This was when it was renamed. Associated with the brewery was a park featuring "serpentine" walks music, ten-pins, and shooting gallery. (2)

The Glab Brewery was located on the later site of HOLY GHOST CATHOLIC CHURCH and school. Caves between 30th and 31th STREETS along Central Avenue were owned by the brewery and used for storing their beer. (3) After the brewery was gone, the southern most cave was used for some time to grow mushrooms. When this business declined, there was talk of using the cave in a cheese-making venture to use the cold storage and spring water. (4)

In 1891 an article in the "Dubuque Daily Herald" announced the brewing of two new beers for the holidays. Glab Brothers' "Hoffbrau" and "Extra Pale Pilsener" were said to be

                  as mellow as an old apple, with 
                  a flavor as delicious as the nectar 
                  of the gods, and with a sparkle as 
                  clear as the sunlight on the hills of 
                  eternal ice. (5)

In 1892 the company joined with other breweries to form the DUBUQUE BREWING AND MALTING COMPANY.



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