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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

FUMETTI, Joan. (Des Moines, IA-- ). An ordained United Church of Christ minister with degrees from the University of Iowa and the UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE seminary, Rev. Fumetti moved to Dubuque in 2003. In 2008she was the director of the growing project support for the Foods Resource Bank, based i Western Springs, Illinois and one of four full-tie staffers for the international nonprofit agency. Originally she worked out of her home, but in 2008 she opened an office at WARTBURG THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. Foods Resource Bank partnered volunteer donors in the United States with some of the poorest people in the world. Domestic growing projects raise money for sustainable food production programs in developing countries.

Fumetti was responsible for growing projects in seven states. The Dubuque-area growing project was named Growing Hope. Local congregtions support the project which include soybeans, sweet corn, and field corn. When the crops are harvested and sold, the profits go to Foods Resource Bank along with donations.

Food sustainability projects have provided clean water in Kenya, demonstration farms in Nicaragua, new techniques for growing rice in Cambodia and reintroduction of traditional crops in Zambia.



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