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FLYNN, Thomas L.

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Flynn, Thomas L. (Dubuque, IA, June 11, 1955-- ). A graduate of LORAS COLLEGE and the UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE where he received his MBA, Flynn was elected in 1994 to represent Senate District 17 which included much of Dubuque County, all of Jackson County, and eastern Delaware County. He served a total of eight years. Flynn served as the ranking member or minority leader on the Senate Appropriations Committee and the Health and Human Rights Appropriations Subcommittee.

He was Chief Financial Officer of Flynn Ready-Mix from 1977 until 1999. Flynn served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Flynn Ready-Mix Concrete Co. from 1999 until his retirement in 2012 when a majority of the company was sold.

Flynn was an adjunct faculty member of the business department at CLARKE COLLEGE, trustee of the United Way of Dubuque, Past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Ready-Mix Concrete Association, and a board member of the National Aggregates Association. He was a past president of the Northeast Iowa Council of Boy Scouts of America and a director of DUBUQUE BANK AND TRUST COMPANY and Citizens Finance Co., Heartland subsidiaries, for more than five years.



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