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The former Fluckiger Motor Company showroom as it appeared in 2010.

FLUCKIGER MOTOR COMPANY. Albert FLUCKIGER began his automobile business in Dubuque in 1914 at 2912 Central. He chose to represent the Velle Agency because cars and parts were available in Moline, Illinois.

In 1916 he relocated the business to the corner of Clay (Central Avenue) and 5th just south of the DUBUQUE COUNTY COURTHOUSE. The business was now an agent for the Mitchel, Franklin, Metz, National, Studebaker, Buick, Dodge, and Plymouth. It is believed he offered the first conditional sales contract in Dubuque--before any of the the national finance companies was formed.

The company sold the City of Dubuque its first streetwasher--a cleaning machine which was capable of washing horse droppings off the roadways. It also motorized the City of Dubuque during the teamsters strike of 1917 with Republic Trucks. At one time, the company sold 42% of all trucks registered in Dubuque County. In one year, he sold a record of 700 new vehicles.

Frank A. FLUCKIGER headed an automobile agency in Clinton for one year and another in Davenport for four years before joining his father in business in 1933. A West Point graduate, he joined the National Guard after WORLD WAR I and in 1951 served on the school board.

The 1922 telephone directory listed 490 Central.

The 1923 Dubuque City Directory listed 415-490 Central.

The 1929 Dubuque City Directory listed 490 Central.

The 1934 through 1955 Dubuque City Directory listed 450 Central.

Dubuque first street cleaner. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Letter opener. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding



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