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FLEMING, Patrick G.

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Photo courtesy: Paul Hemmer

FLEMING, Patrick G. (Hastings, NB, Jan. 15, 1932—Dubuque, IA, Dec. 17, 2007). No less an authority on Dubuque radio than Paul HEMMER stated, "Pat was a great broadcaster. He did Dubuque Packer play by play, high school sports, and was the sales manager at WDBQ too. Later he did similar duties for KDTH, then a stint at KDUB-TV and finally a daily sports minute on KGRR-FM." (1) Pat actually received a temporary military deferment during the KOREAN CONFLICT because he was Santa Claus to so many. In the 1950s, he was the voice of Santa Claus to thousands of WDBQ listeners. (2)

Between 1955 and 1967, Fleming was the sales manager and sports director at radio station WDBQ. He then moved to Mercy Medical Center until 1974 as its director of community relations and development. From 1974 until 1977, Fleming was the sales and promotion manager at radio stations KDTH and KFMD. He was the director of marketing and community relations for Mercy Medical Center from then until 1993 when he served as a self-employed marketing consultant.

Fleming contributed in many ways to the community. He was member of the board of the DUBUQUE AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, HILLS & DALES CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, HOSPICE OF DUBUQUE, Gannon Community Health Center, Dubuque Area Youth Leadership, and the Salvation Army. He held the position of chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce Public Relations Committee, United Way Major Gift Solicitations, Dubuque County Zoning Board of Adjustment, and the Dubuque Community Fund Development Board. He was also a member of the Divine Word College board of trustees, Clarke College Development Council and the Stone Hill Development Council, and a charter member of the Wahlert Booster Club.

Fleming’s community involvement brought him many rewards. He received the Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Contributor of the Year Award in 1990, Iowa High School Athletic Association Media Hall of Fame Award in 1991, and the Iowa High School Football Coaches Association Distinguished Service Award in 1991. He was the president and co-founder of the Iowa Society for Hospital Public Relations and Marketing.



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