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FJELD, Roger (Reverend)

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

FJELD, Roger (Reverend) (Primghar, IA- ). In 1983 Fjeld became the eleventh president of WARTBURG THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY in its 130-year history. Fjeld took his undergraduate degree from Wartburg and a master's degree in Reformation and Renaissance history and doctorate in American Intellectual History from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Fjeld returned to Wartburg in 1971 as coordinator of the internship program and pastor to the seminary community. He left in 1973 to become director of the American Lutheran Church's Office of Support to Ministries. In 1976 he returned to Dubuque from his offices in Minneapolis to be the featured speaker at American Lutheran Church (ALC) Day at Wartburg (1)

Elected president of Wartburg in September 1983, Fjeld took office in December 1983. In 1987 he was an official observer at the constituting convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America held in Columbus, Ohio in 1987. At the meeting representatives of the American Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church in America and the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches approved the constitution and budget of the new Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. (2) In 1988 he looked forward to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America choosing Dubuque for its mission center site. He felt the mission center would aid faculty and students on campus where the center would be located. (3)

In March, 1998 Fjeld announced his retirement and that he would be a part-time development associate for Wartburg's Foundation for the Future, a $16.65-million fundraising campaign. He would return to the campus in the spring semesters to teach church history and leadership development. His legacy at Wartburg included his commitment to the financial strength of the school and his effort to minimize out-of-pocket costs to students. (4)



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