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Stock certificate. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

EXCELSIOR BRASS WORKS. This Dubuque company was incorporated on September 19, 1892. Located at the northwest corner of Jones and Locust STREETS, the firm produced all kinds of brass goods for either steam, gas or water purposes. One hundred employees worked in the four-story factory. Officers included Albert W. HOSFORD, president; A.W. Kemler, vice president; J.W. Watters, secretary and treasurer; and P.R. Martin, general manager.

By 1898 the company was facing financial difficulties and petitioned the city council for their taxes to be cancelled for the year. (1) In 1901 the building was being considered by George and his brother O. M. Schmid for the manufacture of casket and coffin hardware. Both had previously been involved in the business at 18th and Washington streets. They had dissolved this partnership and George Schmid had moved temporarily to California. (2)



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