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Photo courtesy: Dubuque Today

EBERHARDT, Jerry. (Dubuque, IA, June 13, 1924--Dubuque, IA, Sept. 9, 2017) The son of Lawrence and Emily (Spielbauer) Eberhardt, Jerry was a graduate of LORAS COLLEGE and served in the military, during which he was stationed in Japan. He married Odra EBERHARDT in 1952.

Jerry operated the JERRY J. EBERHARDT agency for many years until his retirement in 1996.

Jerry enjoyed sports of all kinds, but was especially devoted to baseball. He played semi-pro baseball for 14 years with the popular local team, the Dubuque Star Brewers. The ball club toured around the Tri-States area, playing against famous barnstorming teams that included legendary players like Satchel Paige.

He wrote a sports column for the Loras College newspaper, and later entertained his friends with countless song parodies and poems written in honor of their birthdays. When he became a grandfather, he started writing a series of "memories" for his grandchildren of daily life in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. These vignettes eventually became a featured column in the local newspaper, The Golden View.



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