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Dubuque Times building at the northeast corner of Main and 5th.

DUBUQUE TIMES. The Dubuque Times was first issued on June 15, 1857, by a corporation composed of twenty-four prominent Republicans. Jesse P. FARLEY was president; D. N. COOLEY, secretary; Mordecai MOBLEY treasurer, and George T. LYON, editor. The object was to establish a permanent Republican publication and job office. (1)

In 1858 the publication was suspended for a time, but late in that year it resumed under Frank W. Palmer, E. W. Upham, and C. A. Gilmore. In 1859 the Times was re-established by four printers and operated until the start of the CIVIL WAR. (2) In 1873 a half interest in the paper owned by Philip Ryan was sold to a Mr. Wilcox. Wilcox sold his interest to a Mr. Barnes. The price was an estimated $10,000. (3)

In 1861 Palmer retired. In June, 1862, G. T. Stewart became owner and editor. In April, 1864, he sold his interest to Charles Aldrich and W. S. Peterson. In 1867 M. S. Barnes and Philip Ryan became owners. In September, 1870, Jacob RICH bought Barnes' interest and became editor. In 1875 Rich sold his half-interest, purchased from Mr. Barnes, in the newspaper to Henry A. Perkins, a well-known figure in the newspaper business in Iowa. While the price was not stated, estimates at the time placed it at $13,000. (4) In October, 1877, Perkins retired and the Times Company took over the paper with Woodruff as editor. Subsequent editors were John Blanchard, George G. Perry, and Joseph S. Morgan. (4)

The Dubuque Times was published until 1906 with daily and weekly issues. In September, 1906, it took over the Journal and became the Times-Journal. In 1915 John P. Walsh became editor, succeeded by G. Edward Hancock, and he by W. J. Schaefle. On April 2, 1927, it was taken over by and consolidated with the Telegraph-Herald'Italic text. (5)

The 1899-1900 Dubuque City Directory listed 448 Main.



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