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Photo courtesy:Cathy's Treasurers,156 Main, Dubuque

DUBUQUE OIL TANK LINE. Articles of incorporation were filed for the company on October 17, 1894. (1) The announcement of the Dubuque Oil Tank Line Company, composed of local businessmen, erecting tanks and buildings on Lower Main was made on January 9, 1895. The firm offered lighting and heating oils of all kinds and had one tank wagon in use. (2)

In 1906 rumors in Dubuque suggested that the recent change in the company's name to the National Refining Company was related to it being affiliated with the Standard Oil Company. (3)

Dubuque Oil Tank officials responded that the company had always represented the brands of the National Refining Company. To make clear whose oils it was selling, the company had decided locally to rename itself. They went on to say that not only was the local company independent, but so was its home operation in Cleveland and the branches in LaCrosse and Clinton. A wager of $5,000 to $5.00 with the money going to charity was staked that there was no connection to Standard Oil. (4)



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