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DUBUQUE JUVENILE BAND. The Dubuque Juvenile Band was performing at horse races held in Independence, Iowa as early as 1895. (1) They also played a role in commercial events. GOLDEN EAGLE CLOTHIERS featured the band in concert at the store's spring opening the same year. (2)

As it was being constructed in 1926, the future home of RENIER'S announced that the third floor would be made into studios for the students of the Renier Music School. There would also be a concert hall with a stage. This was to be used for rehearsals of the Dubuque Juvenile Band and Orchestra and would be available for Dubuque teachers as a concert and recital hall. (3)

The last recorded appearance of the band was in 1933. In June of that year, the band participated in a large parade celebrating the Silver Anniversary of the Sunday School Parade carried out by Dubuque's Protestant churches. (4)

The 1929 Dubuque City Directory listed 531 Main.



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