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Photo courtesy: Dubuque County Farm Bureau

DUBUQUE COUNTY FARM BUREAU. As part of the federal Emergency Food Production Act, a farm bureau and county agent was to be provided for every agricultural county. Because of the urgency, in counties like Dubuque where the DUBUQUE COMMERCIAL CLUB was active this organization was called upon to help. In counties that had previously had a farm bureau, the work had largely been education of extension work carried out from the state extension office. (1)

With the end of WORLD WAR I, many citizens recognized the power of the organization and the importance of keeping it in existence. The wartime organization needed to be replaced with farmers taking the initiative. The township became the unit of organization. Canvassing for membership was the primary goal of 1919. Once a township was canvassed, a meeting was called for the election of township officers. The president of the township organization became the director of that township in the County Board. The school district director became the co-operator from that school district in the county organization. Another member of the board would be one of the county supervisors. Representation was also given to all farm organizations which included in 1919: American Society of Equity, county insurance companies, Buttermaker's Association, Dubuque County Fair Association, Cow Testing Association, Co-operative Creameries, Calf Club, Pig Club, Purebred Livestock Association, Farmers' Clubs, and the County Rural Schools. It was common to have a specialist address each monthly meeting. Matters of local interest were also discussed and projects initiated. The purpose of the organization was for farmers to have a means of safeguarding their rights and making farming a stable business. (2)

In 2018 the Dubuque County Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization, chartered in 1918, committed to serving Dubuque County residents and farmers who feed them. We are the largest farm organization in the county, reaching out to more than 4,900 families. A person does not have to be a farmer to join. The organization is an active supporter of education, health care programs and rural business initiatives. It offers scholarships and grants to area students and teachers and help teachers educate children about where food comes from through its Ag in the Classroom program. (3)

The 1955 Dubuque City Directory listed 911 Locust.

The 2017 address was 2333 John F. Kennedy Road.



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