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DUBUQUE CHARITY HOSPITAL. The Dubuque Charity Hospital was incorporated on September 19, 1877. (1) Those involved in the incorporation included Asa HORR, George M. Staples, Walter Hay, George L. TORBERT, Alonzo J. VAN DUZEE and Stephen Smith Wemott. The object of the corporation was the establishment and maintenance of a hospital for the sick, destitute, and poor which was to be strictly charity and open to all non-contagious acute illnesses. The hospital would be available to anyone regardless of age, sex, nationality, creed or color and be exempt from secular or political control. The hospital would be open to ministers of religion of all creeds and be maintained by voluntary contributions of the charitable. (2)

In October, 1877 the Dubuque Herald announced that C. W. Bittman had pledged fifty dollars per year for five years towards the cost of the hospital. The Herald commented that a few equally generous contributions would place the hospital on a permanent basis. (3)



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