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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald
Photo courtesy: Jim Massey
Sewing kit. Photo courtesy: Bob Reding

DUBUQUE BREAD COMPANY. Dubuque Bread Company was a subsidiary of Midland Bakeries, Inc, a chain bakery company. Midland purchased a building on the southeast corner of Ninth and Iowa STREETS which had originally been TURNER HALL and then then GERMANIA HALL. It had been purchased by the Pahl Baking Company in the early 1920s. Midland purchased the building in 1925 and spent $40,000 on renovations. (1)

In 1925 the announcement was made that GERMANIA HALL would soon see all reconstruction finished. Beginning on October 8th and running three days, the company ran special hours in the afternoons (2-5) and evenings (7-10). During this time, visitors could observe "J-D" bread being made. Loaves of bread were not sold during this time. Anyone, however, who asked was given a loaf to take home and eat. (2)

The company went out of business in January, 1931 when it sold out its business to the TRAUSCH BAKING COMPANY. (3)

The 1929 Dubuque City Directory listed 898 Iowa.



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