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DUBUQUE ARTS COUNCIL. Formed in 1967 as the tenth such unit in Iowa, the Council was organized with assistance from the Iowa Arts Council, proposed by former Iowa Governor Harold Hughes.

The Council's stated goal was to bring artists to Dubuque for a residency rather than a single appearance. The Dubuque Arts Council Artist in Residence program was presented in most of the elementary schools in the city, many businesses, churches, and care facilities, in addition to public performances at KENNEDY MALL, GRAND OPERA HOUSE, and the TOWN CLOCK PLAZA.

The Dubuque Arts Council was part of the Artstrek program, an alliance of local arts agencies. It was also a member of the DUBUQUE ARTS ALLIANCE. The Artist in Residence program, sponsored for decades, brought outstanding performers of many disciplines to Tr-State schools. Scheduled for three performances daily for ten days, the program reached as many as thirty schools and 5,000 students.

The 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed Dubuque Arts Council/Artists in Residence at 1072 Locust.




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