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DUBUQUE AREA LIFETIME CENTER. The Center was designed as a place where older people as individuals or groups gathered for services and activities supporting their independence, dignity, and community involvement. The Center was the result of efforts by the Scenic Valley Area Agency on Aging, Project Concern, MERCY MEDICAL CENTER, FINLEY HOSPITAL (THE), and individuals representing the City of Dubuque, business and industry. An award of $361,000 of Community Development Block Grant Funds was used to renovate an existing facility on Stoneman Road. An additional $25,000, matched by Scenic Valley, provided a fully operational kitchen for the meal program. Fundraising efforts also included a Million Pennies campaign in 1996 which was also planned to attract new participants. (1)

In 1997 programs included arts/literature, reading and discussion, health and fitness, self-sufficiency, crafts and culinary, and socialization. A congregate meals program was offered daily. Board members in 1997 included G.T. "Tom" Reilly, chairman; Genevieve Heathcote, vice-chair; Walter A. PREGLER, secretary; and William J. WATTERS, treasurer.



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