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DOVI, Samuel C.

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

DOVI, Samuel C. (Galesburg, IL, Oct. 19, 1895---Dubuque, IA, November 26, 1940). A graduate of LORAS COLLEGE, Dovi specialized in the field of band music and later studied with some of the finest instructors. He studied band directing under M. Louis Pacquet of the Paris Conservatoire and trumpet performance with William A. Thieck of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. His studies with Frederick Niel Innes, a celebrated trombonist, were in the area of band instruments in general. (1)

Recognizing the benefit to youth of participating in band, he organized the Cadet Band in Dubuque in which all classes of parochial elementary schools participated. He also established the Loras College Band. (2) A large number of the Dubuque Band Academy musicians were trained by him. From 1922 to 1925 and again beginning in 1934, he was the director of the COLUMBIA COLLEGE BAND. In addition to this work, he took on the directorship of the Columbia Academy Band which he maintained separately from the College Band with the exception being joint performances for special occasions. (3)

At the time of his death at "Melody Acres" along Rockdale Road, Dovi was a partner in the RENIER MUSIC HOUSE heading the band instrument and music division. He was the organizer of the American Legion Drum Corps and directed it for many years. Dovi also organized many area school bands. (4)



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