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DOLTER, Gerald

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DOLTER, Gerald. (Dubuque, IA-- ). Dolter began singing in the children's choir at NATIVITY CHURCH in Dubuque. He performed in high school musicals at WAHLERT CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL in 1973 and attended CLARKE COLLEGE for two years before completing his education with the study of opera at the University of Indiana. (1)

Dolter was the winner of one of eleven top prizes in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Regional Auditions and won the Premio Galeffi at Italy’s Concorso Internazional per Voci Verdiane in 1984. He made his European debut in 1985. In 1986 Dolter won first place in the International Vocal Competition of Ghent, Belgium. His reputation was further established by operatic and concert appearances in Europe and the United States. By 1997, he had appeared in more than thirty-five roles as the leading baritone with the Bremen Opera in Germany.

A noted concert singer and recitalist, Dolter was the national winner of the 1984 Met Auditions. (2) He appeared in the United States with the Phoenix Symphony, Tucson Symphony, and the Utah Symphony. In Europe, he was the lead baritone with the Bremen Philharmonic. (3) He also performed with West Deutsche Ruodfunk Orchestra and the Sinfonica Hungarica. Operatic appearances in the United States included Carnegie Hall in 1991, Pittsburgh Opera, Arizona Opera, and the New Jersey State Opera. He was an Artist-in-Residence in Dubuque in 2000. (1) He appeared in the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra's opera presentation of "Tosca" in 1997 and in "La Boheme" in 2002. (4) He joined the musicians of Clarke College in 2004 for the "For a Blessed Christmas concert.

In 2018 Dolter was the Director of Texas Tech University's Music Theater and Associate Professor of Music. (5) He had appeared in more than eighty professional operatic roles and more than twenty-five musical theater portrayals. For TTU Music Theatre, he directed more than twenty major productions of musicals and operas since 1998.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gf5MQqOtO2k Gerald Dolter singing.



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