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DEMENT, Gigi. (Baguio City, Philippines-- ). The daughter of Deane Dement, a sailor in the American Navy, and Manolita Almario Buenaventura Borja, a former actress, Dement grew up in Dubuque and watched Sylvester Stallone’s “F.I.S.T.” being shot. She graduated from DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 1987 and attended the University of Iowa before transferring to New York University where she graduated from its undergraduate film/TV program and eventually its graduate film program. She also attended the Tisch School of the Arts. (1)

In 2011 Dement was one of three Filipino-American producers of “God of Love,” the Oscar-winner in the category of Best Live Action Short. She has also been involved in the production of:

Bastards of Young (2013) (post-production) [producer]

Stereopsis (2012/I) (completed) [producer]

Babygirl (2012) [producer]

Crossings (2012) [producer]

Manhattan Melody (2011) [producer]

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2011: Live Action (2011) [producer]

God of Love (2010) [producer] [Actress .... Opera Patron]

Monkey, Take Off Your Mask! (2010) [producer]

Optimistic (2010) [producer]

Missy (2009) [producer]

William's Christening (2009) [producer]

Giving Care (2008) [producer]

In Vivid Detail (2007) [line producer](2)




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