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DEMAIO, Carl. (Dubuque, Iowa-- ). The son of Carl Joseph DeMaio and Diane M. DeMaio (née Elgin), Carl spent his early childhood in Orange County, California where his family moved in the late 1970s. His mother died in 1990, two weeks after his father abandoned the family. DeMaio was taken in by Jesuit priests and enrolled in boarding school at Georgetown Preparatory School. After completing high school in 1993, he entered Georgetown University and graduated from college early, receiving a degree in International Politics and Business.

While attending college, DeMaio worked as a political intern in Washington, D. C., ultimately earning a job with the Congressional Institute. He served as the Institute's Director of Planning. He worked in Washington from 1994 to 1999.

After college, DeMaio established The Performance Institute, a for-profit think tank that provided training for government officials, followed by the American Strategic Management Institute, which was modeled on The Performance Institute and provided training and education in corporate financial and performance management. He sold both companies to the Thompson Publishing Group in late 2007.

DeMaio was a member of the Citizens Budget Project, an effort to streamline California's state government following the recall of Governor Gray Davis.

DeMaio moved to San Diego in 2002 as a result of his work with the Performance Institute. That year he appeared before the San Diego City Council to award the city for having the most efficient government in California. He later said this award had been given due to false financial data that the City Council had provided to the public. In 2004 he claimed that San Diego's predicted budget deficit of $27 million was in fact closer to $80-$100 million.

Since then, DeMaio has advocated for changes in the budget process in San Diego. He has also lobbied for a federal law that would impose rules on public pension plans modeled after ERISA.

In May 2013, DeMaio announced his candidacy for California's 52nd congressional district in November 2014, to challenge incumbent Scott Peters.



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