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DAVIDSON, Robert Paul

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Paul Davidson's T206 Baseball Card from 1909

DAVIDSON, Robert Paul. (Lafayette, IN, Nov. 30, 1886--Morris, IL, March 11, 1940). Outfielder Paul Davidson played eight seasons from 1904 to 1911 in the minor leagues, mostly in the Class B Illinois-Indiana-Iowa League, also known as the Three-I or Three-Eye League. He played BASEBALL for the Dubuque Shamrocks in 1905, Dubuque Dubs in 1906, and the Dubuque Hustlers in 1911. During his entire career, Davidson played in 911 games, was at bat 3,402 times, and had a batting average of .260. (1)

In 1906 Davidson signed a non-reserve contract and according to rules of the National Baseball Association was able to then sign with any team. He chose the St. Louis Americans and earned $225.00 per game. (2)

A well-known player, Davidson's image appeared on a baseball card in the T206 set issued by the American Tobacco Company in cigarette and loose tobacco packs from 1909 to 1911. On the card, Davidson is shown in his 1909 Indianapolis Indians uniform.

He married Dubuque native Margaret Evelyn Halpin at ST. RAPHAEL'S CATHEDRAL in 1910. (3) After Margaret died in 1933, Davidson married Agnes Barrows of Morris, Illinois in 1938. Besides playing baseball, Davidson was a telegraph operator and station agent at Seneca, Illinois for the Rock Island Railroad; motion-picture theater operator; and owner of Davidson Motors, an auto dealership in Morris, Illinois. He died in Morris on March 11, 1940 and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery. (4)



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