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DAUGHERTY, A. W. (Spencer, OH, June, 1, 1834--Dubuque, IA, Dec., 1905). MAYOR. Daugherty served as mayor of Dubuque in 1893, twenty years after moving to the city from Elkader. Married to the eldest daughter of Henry L. STOUT, Daugherty was first employed at the KNAPP, STOUT AND COMPANY. He quickly mastered the details of the business and was given responsibility for sales, collections, and operations of branch offices of the company. (1)

In 1881 Daugherty was elected secretary of the FARLEY AND LOETSCHER MANUFACTURING COMPANY soon after its incorporation. He later was given the additional responsibility of serving as the company's treasurer. After eleven years of these combined positions, he was elected the company vice-president in 1892. (2)

Daugherty was elected to the state legislature in 1882 and served three years as president of the local board of trade. (3)

Daugherty was one of Iowa's leading members of the Masonic Lodge. Beginning his work in Ohio, he advanced through the levels until 1863 when he entered Royal Arch Masonry taking the degrees of Capitular, Cryptic and Templar Masonry. He continued on to be inducted into the 32nd degree, the highest level. Daugherty for two years held the office of Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Iowa and in 1884 was elected Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of Iowa. (4)

During his administration as mayor, the board of health was reorganized in 1893. The new board consisted of the mayor, recorder, city health physician, two alderman, and two citizens one of which would be a physician. The board had the power to declare nuisances and to correct them and prosecute those who maintained them. (5) In January, 1894 prize fighting locally was prohibited. (6) The mayor was active in preventing the repeal of the city's charter. After a meeting in Des Moines in March, he organized a committee of local leaders including Julius K. GRAVES, Philip PIER, and Christian Anton VOELKER to accompany him back to Des Moines to lobby the legislature on the issue. (7)

Addition information on events during his administration can be found by adding 1893 to the search feature on this encyclopedia.



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