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CURBSIDE FOOD SCRAP RECYCLING PROGRAM. Dubuque is the first Iowa city to offer a curbside food scrap recycling program. As of 2013 up to 300 households, businesses, and institutions were allowed by the State of Iowa to subscribe to this fee-based program. Subscribers were provided a 2-gallon KitchenCatcher and a 12-gallon, wheeled, GreenCart. The subscription for each GreenCart was $0.60 per month and was billed on the resident's City Utility Bill. Larger container options were available to business and institutional customers: 48 gal carts at $5.50 per month and 64 gallon carts at $8.50 per month.

The food scrap recycling program:

   Extend the landfill's life
   Reduce pollution (especially methane - a powerful greenhouse gas)
   Maintain Dubuque county’s recycling rate above 25 percent
   Create a beneficial compost product for gardens and landscaping

According to the 2011 IDNR Waste analysis, 14% of the solid waste buried in the Dubuque Metro Landfill was food scraps, which could be processed into compost.



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