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Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/81809226/person/42447672610/facts?_phsrc=cbC202&_phstart=successSource


CUMMINGS, David S. (Wausaw, NY, Jan. 13, 1815--Dubuque, IA, Feb. 22, 1880). Cummings came to the mining area of the Upper Mississippi River in 1845, but shortly afterwards returned to New York to manufacture agricultural implements.

In 1850 he returned west and settled in Milwaukee where he continued in the same business. He moved to Dubuque in 1854 and began manufacturing agricultural implements for the NOVELTY IRON WORKS.

In 1862 Cummings was elected to the first of three terms on the Dubuque City Council.

Cummings took special interest in the development of the HILL STREET AND WEST DUBUQUE STEAM RAILWAY COMPANY and served many years as its president. He was also a consistent supporter of the HOME FOR THE FRIENDLESS.



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