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COULER. Incorporated in 1933, Couler comprised only a few blocks in the Aquin-Nicolet-Euclid streets area along Highway 52 north of 32nd Street. It was one of many "beer towns" incorporated in Dubuque County following the legalization of the sale of beer. Under the law, it was necessary for places not previously platted as a town to incorporate before bars could be operated. This law was changed in the mid-1930s.

Residents of the community voted unanimously on July 26, 1937 to "discontinue" the town, but the results of the vote were never certified by the district court as required by law. On December 14, 1940 the entire matter was dropped in a docket-clearing effort.

In 1970, the community was legally still in existence making the ANNEXATION of the area technically illegal because Iowa law prohibited cities from annexing already incorporated areas.



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