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COUCH, Frances E.

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Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/discoveryui-content/view/52422068:60525?tid=&pid=&queryId=32264a661e14e275137a832f8f72b4e3&_phsrc=cbC149&_phstart=successSource

COUCH, Frances E. (Dubuque, IA, February 16, 1867--1948) Couch pioneered in the 1880s as a businesswoman shortly after her graduation from Dubuque's Third Ward public school. Her first job was that of a clerk in the office of Caleb H. BOOTH who was then secretary of the DUNLEITH & DUBUQUE BRIDGE CO. and the DUBUQUE AND SIOUX CITY RAILROAD. She improvised her own system of shorthand and purchased her own typewriter. For this she received $25 monthly.

When Booth died, she wrote to Stuyvesant Fish, the president of the railroad. Her suggestion was that she be chosen the secretary of the two companies. Her request was denied. When Booth's successor died, she was elected secretary by the board of directors at its first meeting in July, 1911. She held the position for twenty-five years.



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