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COTTRELL, Cindy. (Dubuque, IA--- ). Cindy Cottrell comes from a family that was a bowling dynasty. In 1972, her parents, Jan and Jim Vogt, became managers of RIVERSIDE BOWL along with Jerry and Carol Pregler. To make traveling to and from work easier, they moved their family to the north-end of town, about five blocks from the lanes.

Because her family managed the bowling lanes, Cindy was able to hone her skills learning to bowl at a very young age and by practicing daily. She did break with tradition; she was the only true left-hander in the Vogt family.

Cindy took a brief break from bowling during her college years. After receiving her degree as an accountant, she came back to the lanes. She began by making her name known locally--most notably in the local city tournament which she dominated. She earned seventeen titles between 1988 and 2008:

6 All Events totals 3 Doubles titles 1 single title 3 team titles 3 Hi-Game titles 1 Hi Series title

By 1997, Cindy started to make her name known across the state. She bowled her best in team and doubles competition starting with her first state title in 1998 in doubles with Lisa Lanser. In 2002 she and her partner Amy Haas finished 2nd, and in 2003 they finished 3rd. In 2004 with a new partner, Patty Beck, they finished 2nd at state. In 2005 she paired with her sister Stephanie BECK, but they did not get the desired results they were working to achieve. In 2006 they bowled together again and finished in 2nd place in doubles. In 2007 the pair competed together again, only to come up short one more time--another 2nd place finish. Finally in 2008, with Cottrell leading the way with her 682 and Beck following with her 681 they captured the 1st place crown in the Iowa Women's State Tournament.

Cindy's team did well at state, finishing 2nd in 2002, their highest to date. They finished 3rd in 2004 and 4th in 2003 and 2006. As an individual, she bowled well at state too. In 2003 she finished 4th in All Events. In 2004 she improved to 2nd place in All Events while rolling the High Series for the tournament that year.

Cindy's average over the years topped 200 for over a decade. During the 1988-89 season, she cracked the 200 barrier for the first time averaging less than 203 since. In the 2006-2007 season, she bowled her best season to date averaging 219 that year. Her composite average over ten seasons (until 2008) was 209.8. Since 2003, her composite average was 214.6. Her ability to score at a consistently high level ranked her as one of the top averages in the city for the past decade.

Cindy rolled more than thirty games over 275, with 28 of them coming since 2002. She bowled more than sixty 700 series or better and more than five hundred series of 600 or better. Her highest series, an 803 in 2001, was only the 2nd series over 800 by a woman in Dubuque. In 2002, Cindy reached perfection--bowling a 300 game.

Cindy was a Junior Bowling Coach since 1998. She was elected to be a board member of the Dubuque USBC Women's Bowling Association in 2007. She helped run the local USBC City and 600 club tournaments along with several other committees that help out the local membership.

In 2006 Cindy was rewarded by the local association for her superior performance in bowling by being inducted into the Dubuque Women's Bowling Association Hall of Fame. Cindy was not the first in her family to be inducted. Her father, Jim Vogt, was inducted into the Dubuque Bowling Hall of Fame in 1984. Her mother, Jan, was inducted into the Dubuque Women's Hall of Fame in 1987 for superior performance and service to the game. Jan was also the local 600 club secretary for twenty years and ran the Jr. Bowling program at Riverside for over twenty years. Her sister, Stephanie, followed her mother into the Dubuque Women's Hall in 1990, and then in 1993 was inducted into the Iowa Women's State Bowling Hall of Fame.

In 2008 Cindy was elected to the Iowa Women's State Bowling Hall of Fame.



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