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COOLEY, Harlan Ward

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Ancestry: https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/person/tree/60537070/person/120126707513/facts?_phsrc=cbC142&_phstart=successSource

COOLEY, Harlan Ward. (Washington, D.C. Jan. 29, 1866 – Chikaming, MI, June 21, 1938) The son of D. N. COOLEY and Clara Aldrich COOLEY, Harlan was an 1888 graduate of Yale Law School, a member of the Skull and Bones Secret Society, active in organizing student movements and hosting guest speakers, and a member of NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

On September 22, 1892 Harlan married Helen Wooster and moved to Chicago. Harlan was one of three men chosen to erect and operate the first electric street railways in Chicago.



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