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COLORED DRAMATIC CLUB. The Dubuque Herald's drama critic claimed that other other activities had kept him from paying closer attention to the premier of the Colored Dramatic Club's performance of "Among the Breakers" on November 28, 1893. The critic continued that a brief visit convinced him that all the players had studied their parts successfully.

                Miss Lulu Green,s Bessie Starbright, made a hit as the heroine. Joe Norris, as the
                lighthouse keeper, was right at home although it must be confessed we prefer Joe
                dressed up in a swallow tail coat, with white tie and patent leather shoes, doing
                duty in the vestibule of one of the swell residences when a reception is in progress.
                The audience was not very large. The inclement weather no doubt kept many away. The
                applause was liberal throughout.
Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

The name of the group again appears in a 1931 advertisement of a performance.



"Among the Breakers," Dubuque Daily Herald, November 29, 1893, p. 4