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CLEVELAND PARK. Located on the hillside at the eastern end of Cleveland Avenue and to the south of Cleveland Avenue and east of Villa Street, Cleveland Park was primarily acquired in 1915 in two separate purchases. (1) One half acre was deeded to the city for park purposes.

Soon after the purchase, residents along Cleveland Avenue and in that part of the city began promoting the idea of constructing a tall tower. From such a location, a fine view of the entire city and countryside could be achieved. While plans were not finalized, promoters pointed out that the site was already one of the highest points in the city. Having a spiral staircase within the seventy-five to one-hundred foot high steel tower would prevent falling. It was suggested that the first twenty or thirty feet from the bottom would be enclosed to provide a shelter for the park keeper. This person would be in charge of the tower and permit people onto the stairway at specified times of the day. Such a tower would also be valuable for wireless telegraph. The cost of the tower was estimated to be from $500 to $1,000 which would be expected to be raised from just the people living in the area. (2)

In June 1916, city officials announced that work on the park was nearly finished. The area was to be equipped with electric lights, a tennis court, children's playground, and tables and seating for picnics. (3) Nothing became of the tower.



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