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CHAPMAN, Charles W. Jr.

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CHAPMAN, Charles W. Jr. (Dubuque, IA, Dec. 19, 1894--Autrepierre, France, May 5, 1918). Recipient, Distinguished Service Cross. Charles Wesley Chapman, known to all his friends as Carl, was killed in an aeroplane battle northeast of Toul, France, on May 3rd, 1918, and fell behind the German lines. He is buried near Remoncourt on the Franco-German border, but in French territory. (1)

Chapman was a Junior at Amherst College at the time he enlisted for service with the Franco-American Ambulance Corps. He sailed for France on May 19th, 1917 and on his arrival, he found that men for the Flying Corps were badly needed, so he joined the French Army as a member of the Franco-American Flying Corps. (2)

Chapman went through the French Schools at Avord, Pau, Cazaux, and Plessis-Belleville. In January, 1918, he transferred to the American Army and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, going to the front with the 94th Aero Squadron. (3)

On May 15, 1918, while on patrol duty, Lieutenant Chapman attacked a group of four monoplanes and one biplane and succeeded in bringing one down before he was shot down in flames. (4) He was a member of the 94th Aero Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group, Air Service, American Expeditionary Force. (5)



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