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CENTRALLY ROOTED. Established in 2021 by Callie Fitzgerald, a native of Cascade, Centrally Rooted was described as a "center for the arts with the implementation of creating competence via the arts." Its focus was on music, art, yoga, theater and dance."

Fitzgerald graduated from Cascade High School and CLARKE UNIVERSITY with a degree in music education and vocal performance. She later earned her master's degree in neurological music therapy.

Fitzgerald and Scott McDermott designed "Mindful Musicians" for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The program combined songs with lyrical content to serve together with breathing techniques or chanting position affirmations to themselves. Each class had at least three songs to be sung along with opportunities for the students to discuss their message, stretch, and play instruments. Students were encouraged to remember the songs the next time a related situation arose to help them find a solution. The program was piloted in the Cascade Elementary School in 2022.



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