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BUTLER SERVICES COMPANY. One of the nation's leading poultry insurers. Butler Services specialized in poultry insurance since its founding in 1978 when Peter D. Butler purchased the business from the family firm of Cottingham and Butler Insurance Agency of Dubuque. Butler's father, Ellis, included the issuance of insurance on poultry into the company he began in 1950. He also devised the concept of developing a program for feed companies to be made available to the individual feed customers as a service. While essentially insuring poultry for large food companies, Butler Services has policies tailored to small producers as well. The company has done business in nearly every state and nine provinces of Canada.

The 1980 Dubuque City Directory listed 151 Stampfer Building.

The 1983 through 1993 Dubuque City Directory listed 400 Security Building.

In 1991 Butler Services announced its entry into the swine insurance business as well as the acquisition of the poultry insurance business of Sedwick James of Missouri, Inc.