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BULLOCK, Jeffrey

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Jeffrey Bullock

BULLOCK, Jeffrey. (Ames, IA, Aug. 12, 1959--) Bullock was a 1977 graduate of Jackson High School in Jackson, Minnesota. He held a BA degree from Seattle Pacific University, MA (1993) and PhD (1996) in Speech Communication from the University of Washington, and a MDiv from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He was ordained at the First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Minnesota. (1)

Bullock came to Dubuque from Seattle where he was an adjunct professor of Seattle Pacific University and lectured at the University of Washington. On January 29, 1998 University of Dubuque officials announced that Bullock would be promoted to president of the UNIVERSITY OF DUBUQUE effective June 1, 1998. At the time the announcement was made, he was the university vice president and dean of the theological seminary, a position he had held since joining the staff in 1996. (2)

Bullock led the university through one of its greatest periods of challenge. In 1999, he unveiled his "Plan for Transformation" to put the university on a sound financial footing, attract students, and strengthen the academic program. This refocus immediately led to cutting twenty-three majors and fourteen faculty members. The plan, however, resulted by 2013 in tremendous growth. When the plan was announced, the university had 521 students and an endowment of $13 million. In 2013 the school had an impressive list of private donors, 2000 students and an endowment nearly $90 million. (3)

Bullock was a member of the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, Iowa College Foundation, Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, NCAA President’s/Chancellor’s Advisory Committee, GREATER DUBUQUE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION and the Iowa Economic Development Authority. [4]



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