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BRUNSKILL, Frank W. (Dubuque, IA, Jan. 2, 1881--Unknown). A son of Simon and Clara Brunskill, Frank attended the public schools of Dubuque to the fourth grade and later in life attended night school at the Minneapolis Young Men's Christian Association. At an early age he worked in a butcher shop for two years and then for the Municipal Lighting Company of Dubuque for one year. He was an office boy in the office for a well known physician and surgeon of Dubuque for a year and then resigned to accept a position as a sawyer in a sawmill. Four years later he entered the coal business, in which he was active for a year. He worked for the STANDARD LUMBER COMPANY and later drove a beer truck for the DUBUQUE BREWING AND MALTING COMPANY. (1)

In 1906 Brunskill moved to Minneapolis and for one year worked for the C. A. Smith Lumber Company, and later was for four years an employee of the Minneapolis Brewing Company. (2)

On March 25, 1911, he was appointed a detective on the Minneapolis force, and for two years he had charge of the purity squad and then was attached to the motorcycle squad for one and one-half years. His devotion to duty and his efficiency led to him being appointed head master of the detective bureau. (3) He rose to become the chief of police in the city until a change of mayors led him to be replaced and demoted to captain.

In 1936 it was announced that Brunskill would become the Minneapolis branch manager for a large St. Paul brewing company. (4)



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