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BROWN, Wallace

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

BROWN, Wallace. (Lawson, Missouri, Dec. 11, 1936-- ). Brown received his education in business administration and marketing degree from Kansas State University. In 1999 he retired after thirty-six years as owner and president of HIGLEY CHEMICAL COMPANY. (1)

Brown's involvement in the community was well-known. Among his many commitments, he was a board member on the Northeast Iowa Council of the Boy Scouts of America. He joined the Scouts as a youth in New York and while serving the Northeast Iowa Council personally reviewed an estimated 650 Eagle Scouts. Other work included the Dubuque Community Y Board, Linwood Cemetery Board of Trustees, Mississippi River Hall of Fame Board, Dubuque Community School Foundation Board, FINLEY HOSPITAL (THE) Foundation Board, and vice chair of the board for Project Concern Board. (2)

In one year, he was the president of five organizations and vice president of three. (2)

He was the recipient of the FIRST CITIZEN AWARD in 2007.



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