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BECKER, Charles H.

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Photo courtesy: Telegraph Herald

BECKER, Charles H. (Lancaster, PA, July 20, 1852--Chicago, IL, Oct. 19, 1933). As a child, Becker moved with his family to Freeport, Illinois where he received his schooling, was married, and was hired C. H. Little Company. When the company experienced rapid growth, the decision was made to expand into a larger area.

He and his wife moved to Dubuque on May 1, 1888 when the firm, in which he was a partner, relocated to continue their wholesale and retail glassware and crockery business. The company was renamed C. H. LITTLE, BRUCE AND COMPANY.

The company was originally located at 537 to 545 Main Street. As the company continued to grow, it was moved in June 1915 to Iowa Street between Second and Third STREETS. With the association of Samuel Houston HAZLETON in the company, the business was renamed the BECKER-HAZLETON COMPANY with Becker serving as president and sales manager.

In addition to membership in the Dubuque ELKS CLUB, Becker as a member of the DUBUQUE TRAVELING AND BUSINESS MEN'S ASSOCIATION and the Western Glass and Crockery Association. Failing health lead to his retirement and move to Chicago with his wife to live with their daughter.



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