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BANDA, Pierre

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BANDA, Pierre. (Malawi, 1956- ). Banda, as a freshman serving in his first year in the LORAS COLLEGE senate, was elected the organization's first African American president. In 1983 he avoided elimination in the primary election by one vote and then went on to win a three-way contest with 46 percent of the vote-seventy-seven votes higher than his closest challenger. The voter turnout was the highest in six years.

Banda entered the International Management Program at Central Michigan University and then worked as a night auditor at the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza from 1989 to 1992. He was the founder and CEO of Safari Express (1992-1994) before entering the Prince George's County government as a community affairs liaison (1995-2002). He then became the special assistant to the county executive in Prince George's County, Maryland (2002-2011). In 2015 Banda was the special assistant to the county executive in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. (1)



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