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BAMRICK, John. (Dougherty, IA, Dec. 15, 1926--Rochester, MN, Mar. 23, 2018). Professor Emeritus of Biology, LORAS COLLEGE. The son of Martin ("Jimmy") and Bridget (Gallagher) Bamrick, John was one of nine children. He attended primary education at a one-room schoolhouse, and secondary education at Sacred Heart Academy, Rockwell, IA, graduating in the class of 1945. Following high school, John served in the U.S. Army (1946-'48) and was stationed in Frankfurt Germany, where he decoded encrypted messages. Through the support of the GI Bill, John was able to attend Loras College in Dubuque, IA, and graduated in the class of 1953 with a B.S. (Major in Biology). John received his M.S. from Marquette University, 1955, and a Ph.D. (Zoology) from Iowa State University in 1960. He married Eunice Ermer on December 29th, 1956, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Rockwell, IA. Bamrick returned to Loras as an assistant professor of biology. (1)

Actively involved in all phases of the school, he was a founding member of the Faculty Council, a committee charged with evaluating faculty members for recommending tenure or promotion in rank. Bamrick was also a charter member of the Faculty Senate which formally recommended to the Board of Regents that Loras should became co-educational. He was one of two Loras faculty members on the Tri-College group which developed the Tri-College Cooperative Effort, the initial plan for cooperation among the three Dubuque colleges.

Bamrick served as chairperson of the Health Science Committee and the Department of Biology and had articles published in the Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. Under his leadership, the Loras Science Department developed such an advanced pre-health science program that 87% of all Loras College science applicants were accepted at health science professional schools. (2)

Dr. Bamrick retired in 1992, but continued teaching and advising part-time until the spring of 1995.



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