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B. F. RICHARDSON COMPANY. Established by Benjamin Franklin RICHARDSON, the company did not begin active production for fifteen months and then grew so quickly that more space was needed. In November 1894, the company divided with the manufacture of ladies shoes led by B. F. Richardson and A. N. Stacy moving to Chicago. The men's shoe line led by George and Charles Richardson remained in Dubuque. (1)

In January 1910 the output of the company was sold out through the following June. The factory specialized in men's unlined work shoes in waterproof leathers. (2)

An estimated six different kinds of shoes were manufactured.

The 1899-1900 Dubuque City Directory located this business at 20 3rd.

The 1909 and 1915 Dubuque City Directory gave the address of this business as 6 8th Street.

In 1910 the company kept no stock on hand because everything was sold as quickly as it was produced. For this reason, the company had no salesmen on the road.

See: George RICHARDSON, Sr.



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