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ANASAZI EXCLUSIVE SALON PRODUCTS, INC. Established in Dubuque in 1992 by Sue Krukonis and several professionals in the beauty products industry, the beauty products manufacturer began marketing its supplies in July, 1993 and employed an estimated forty-one people including twenty-five in Dubuque and a nationwide sales force. Manufacturing was done at two sites outside of Dubuque but distributed through Dubuque. (1)

The company had between 350-400 "brandchise" shops in 38 states and 6 Canadian cities. The company offered six treatments with accompanying shampoos and conditioners to treat particular hair needs. Salons were contacted by telephone or direct mail and offered an opportunity to sample the products including the trademarked Kiva scalp massage. The company also established a special fund through which salons could earn money for business development by selling products. (2)

In 1997, Regis Corp., the largest owner, operator and franchiser of hair and retail product salons in the world, acquired a controlling interest in the company. When the acquisition occurred, Anasazi had annual sales totaling $2.6 million, and its products were sold in 2,500 salons.



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