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ALDEN, Nathaniel L.

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ALDEN, Nathaniel L. (East Stoughton, MA, June 13, 1828--Dubuque, IA, Aug. 25, 1894). Alden settled in Dubuque in July 1856, and worked in the boot and shoe business several years before becoming a bookkeeper for W. H. Robinson.

In 1872 Alden purchased the Sol Smith spice mill, on Sixth Street between Main and Locust, which had been in operation for some years. Expansion needs soon led him to move the business to 254-258 Fourth Street. With his sons, Alden developed the KEY CITY SPICE MILLS, one of Dubuque's largest companies of its type. The company was renamed the Key City Coffee and Spice Mills around 1870. It was managed by N. L. Alden's Sons through 1901 when Frank Frank Alden, the eldest son, died. (2)



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