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AIRPORT INN. Local city directories indicate the Inn was built in the early 1930s and known over the years as the Maple Inn and Duccini's until settling on Airport Inn around 1938. Its namesake was the airport on CITY ISLAND.

On September 1, 1940 the Airport Inn was purchased by Ellas Mihalakis. Without enough money to fully furnish the bar, a deal was made with the Star Brewery. In exchange for some used bar equipment, the Airport Inn sold only Star beer on tap. Beer was sold for 15 cents a bottle and two for a quarter. A complete dinner cost twenty-five cents.

When Robert C. WAHLERT purchased the DUBUQUE PACKING COMPANY and it became an international giant, prosperous financial times came to the city. The Airport Inn became a popular spot for Pack workers after their shifts ended. The high times of the Airport Inn ended with the closing of the Pack around 2005. It was taken down around that time.

The 1941 through 2000 Dubuque City Directory listed 574 E. 16th.



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