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Photo courtesy: Bob Reding
Abeln Abstract Company in 2010 at 47 West 7th ST.

ABELN ABSTRACT AND TITLE COMPANY. Abeln was one of four developers that submitted bids when parcels of land were first offered for sale followingURBAN RENEWAL and their office of Abeln Abstract was the first building constructed in area. The $44,000 building was completed three years after the $9.6 million urban renewal program was approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. The land was purchased from the city's Urban Renewal Department for $14,613.

The firm of Anthony P. Abeln in the 1911-12 Dubuque City Directory through the 1918 Dubuque and East Dubuque City Directory had been located at 345 7th.

The 1929 and 1934 Dubuque City Directory listed 41 W. 7th.

Prior to moving into its new building in 1970, the company was located at 29 Eighth Avenue. The name by 1945 had become Abeln Abstract Company.



"Abeln Abstract Will be First in Renewal Area", Telegraph Herald, February 5, 1970.