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AARONSON, Milton. (Dubuque, IA, June 2, 1917--Mar. 6, 1942). Aaronson, the son of a rabbi and a contemporary of Johnny PETRAKIS, was the number one contender for the world welterweight championship. He practiced his boxing skills at the DUBUQUE BOYS' CLUB under the instruction of Harry HUTT. (1) Aaronson entered the Dubuque Area Golden Gloves tournament upon his high school graduation and won the title in two consecutive years before turning professional. He debuted on July 30, 1934. (2)

On his way to replace Barney Ross, then the champion, Aaronson received a broken nose that required surgery. He returned to the ring too quickly and was matched with Fritzi Zivic whom he had previously defeated by two decisions and one technical knockout. In a hard-fought match, Aaronson received many cuts that became infected. He died of blood poisoning from the wounds. (3)

He fought 85 bouts including 558 rounds. His knockout ratio was 40%. (4)




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