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Photo courtesy: Jim Massey

A.B.C. MEDICINE COMPANY. Organized in 1892 and incorporated in 1902, the A.B.C. Medicine Company was first located at 298 Main. The company moved to 2510 Couler Avenue and remained there until it was sold in 1917. Daniel J. HAAS served as its president with Benjamin Franklin BLOCKLINGER, vice-president and John P. Roth, secretary.

In 1902 when it was incorporated, the company officers were W, S. Dennis, president; William Bruess, vice-president; J.E. Hedley, secretary and treasurer. Directors included M. J. Mulgrew, A.D. Dennis, George Lyons, and Justus Bechtel.

The company sold as many as twenty-six different remedies. A.B.C. Liniment was offered as a remedy for rheumatism, lumbago, sprains,and bruises. A.B.C. Family Tea was advertised to be a remedy for stomach, kidney, and liver trouble. There was also A.B.C. Tooth Powder and A.B.C. Cold Cream.