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"POTOSI, Joe." (Rockford, IL-- ). Described as a Dubuque author in 2020, "Potosi" wrote When The Dust Settled an autobiographical record of his abandonment by his father at the age of three and the next fifteen years as the victim of physical and emotional abuse from his mother and stepfather.

Following high school, he joined the Navy when he realized the resentment and anger he held from his childhood. Without coping skills, he made several bad choices until becoming a father of two sons helped him change his behavior. "They'd (mother and stepfather) rented space in my mind far too long." Writing, according to "Potosi" allowed him to overcome his memories and eventually to forgive his tormentors.

In addition to writing his book, "Potosi" became a motivational speaker and member of National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse. (1)

In 2022 When the Dust Settled was a finalist in the memoir category for the Author Elite Awards, an annual award presented for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry. (2)



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