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ZIMMERMAN, Amy. (Sageville, IA--Dubuque, IA, Aug. 29. 1978) Zimmerman, police matron in the City of Dubuque for many years, was past president of the Dubuque Women's Bowling Association and a life member of the International Bowling Congress.

She began her bowling in 1932 on the Marquette Lanes at Sacred Heart School. She missed one season in the next 39 years. It was during the 1937-38 season that she joined fifty-nine other women to form the Dubuque Women's Bowling Association. She led the hospitality committee that brought the 1940 state tournament to Dubuque.

In 1941 with Marge Firzlaff she won the doubles in the city tournament with a score of 1162--a record that stood nearly twenty years. When the ARMSTRONG LANES was destroyed by fire in 1947, the LORENZ LAUNDRY team on which she participated moved to Holy Trinity Lanes and remained there twelve years. This team won the city tournament in 1951.

Mrs. Zimmerman had a high average of 155 and a career high single game of 235. In addition to her other positions of responsibility, she was appointed in 1946 to fill an unexpired term on the state board of the Iowa Woman's Bowling Association.




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