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SUPERIOR MATCH COMPANY. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, the company was founded in 1932 by Harold Meitus, whose son, David, would eventually start Atlantis Match Co. in 1971. Although never to be a giant, such as Diamond or Universal, Superior quickly established itself. In 1938, Superior introduced the first of its now famous line of Girlies. This was the first of the Elvgren Girls sets [15 sets in all]. Ten years later, in 1948, Superior began its series of Petty Girls sets [9 sets]. In 1952, it put out its only D’Amario set; 1953 saw the beginning of its Thompson Girlie sets [5 sets]; and, in 1958, came the Live Model Series [9 sets], most of which featured photos instead of drawings.

Superior’s Girlies were so successful, in fact, as far as collectors were concerned, that they usually overshadowed Superior’s other great categorical contribution...Hillbillies.



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